• The training course lasts two years and takes place over four semesters.
    Each academic year begins in October and ends in July of the following year, including two semesters per year.
    The learning methods include: lectures (in the classroom), laboratory lessons, e-learning lessons and in-company learning (training on the job).
    At least 30% of the training hours will be carried out within sponsor companies through the activation of training internships.
    At the end of each semester, there will be an intermediate exam to evaluate learning, and upon completion of the second year of studies a final exam will be taken in order to obtain the Diploma.
    The Institute offers the possibility to obtain CAMBRIDGE linguistic certifications, as well as certifications in basic computer science (CDL), enabling technologies (e-commerce), safety certificates and warehouse management.


    Each year, the Institute selects 25 students from naval, technological, industrial and commercial institutes. The selection is governed by specific regulations that involve:

    – Recognition of entry qualifications;
    – Three written tests (general education, computer science test, language test);
    – An oral exam (motivational, previous work experience).

    The admission exam is passed with a minimum score of 60/100.
    Entry is also admitted to foreign students in the framework of ERASMUS and EXCHANGE programmes


    The ITS MOST course allows more than 80% of graduates to work in the sectors of industrial logistics, MGDO (distribution logistics) and in the specialist MTO and port sectors within the first six months of graduation.