The Foundation

  • L’ITS MO.ST (ITS FOR SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY, TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS – ITS MO.ST) is a Technical and Vocational Post-Graduate School with a strong focus on technology. It has an independent legal configuration in the form of a Participatory Foundation, and it is charged with the task of holding two-year post-diploma courses in Higher Technical Education within the technological field of the mobility of goods and people, with a view to sustainability, intermodality and the internet of things.
    The Abruzzo Region benefits from a privileged territorial position with regard to the mobility flows of both people and goods. It has an efficient road infrastructure both in terms of intersections and routes running along the Adriatic ridge, and the development of the economy around the sea and ports represents the driving force that makes our local system competitive.
    Ortona was elected as the headquarters of the ITS for Transport and Logistics because of the high level of its curriculum curated by the IIS “L. Acciaiuoli – L. Einaudi”, as well as the territory of Chieti’s strong focus on industrial production, tourist mobility, logistics services and professional training. In the national framework, ITS in Ortona operates within the training plans by the Abruzzo Region and the Italian Ministry of Education. Its main purposes include the promotion and dissemination of technical and scientific culture, starting from the integration of education, training and work systems.

    The bodies of the ITS Foundation are:


    The Executive Board is appointed to carry out management tasks and oversees the ordinary and extraordinary administration of the Foundation for the purpose of implementing the three-year plan of activities approved by the Board of Trustees.


    The Board of Trustees is the body charged with passing resolutions concerning essential actions for the life of the Foundation and for achieving its aims.